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Long hair has become popular for boys and there are many ways to grow, cut and style longer hairstyles. Some long styles are inspired by the latest new hair trends for a modern look, while others are classic cuts that still look cool and stylish. Whether you have wavy, straight, thick or curly hair, you can find a variety of long haircuts to suit your style and personality. To inspire you with trendy cuts and styles, we’ve compiled the best long haircuts for boys to get right now. From bangs and bobs to shaggy and natural-looking layers, your kids will love these perfect boy’s hairstyles for long hair.

Kids Haircuts at Quinn Harper Childrens Hair Salon
Kids Haircuts at Quinn Harper Childrens Hair Salon

Long Wavy Hair

Long wavy haircuts offer a stylish look with plenty of character, meaning your boy’s wavy hair can be cut and styled in many different ways. When tousled and styled messy, natural waves make wavy hairstyles low-maintenance and handsome. Perfect for boys with some texture in their hair naturally, this style will keep them looking cool without much effort.

Thick Medium Length Hairstyle

Getting thick hair to grow out to a styled medium length can be difficult, but it is worth it. This haircut will fit right in with the ’70s revival that is currently popular. Make the haircut medium length with some texture and choppiness so it looks young and playful.

Long Hair with Bangs

Bob is a cool look for kids with medium-length to long straight hair. The bangs on this cut help frame the face, which works especially well for round faces. This cut works best when the bangs are kept purposely unkempt. This avoids the haircut looking overly manicured.

Chin Length with Long Bangs

If your kid doesn’t want too much fuss with his hair and doesn’t like getting haircuts, try letting his hair grow out until it is chin length and the bangs are long enough to be side-swept. This style is as low maintenance as it gets.

Medium Length Layered Cut

Layering adds a charming style to all hairstyles, so a layered haircut for boys with medium to long hair can be the perfect look. Layered medium length cuts are great for those with fine hair, as they add a little volume. They are also meant to be worn messy, which is perfect for boys and teenagers who want a hassle-free trim.

Natural Medium Length Hair

This natural hair isn’t a haircut, it is the opposite. The idea is to let your son’s hair grow out and be wild and messy. This approach is suited for kids with naturally wavy or curly hair. Your boy’s hair will grow out and have its style without requiring any active styling with the product. The only work it needs is a sweaty hand brushing the hair out of your son’s face as he plays outside.

Medium Length Wavy Hair

If your son has wavy hair but is not quite ready to let it grow out to his shoulders, a medium-length style might be the solution. His hair should be longer and flow past his ears without quite reaching the chin. This flowing hairstyle looks best parted in the middle or to the side. You can also try it with bangs, depending on how your son likes to style his hair.

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