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Our curated collection in a range of colours, styles and fabrics are beautifully finished, and we have a wide selection of accessories to personalise your child’s outfit to hers and your taste. From lace to chiffon, you’re sure to find the perfect dress for any season or theme of event. To give you a glimpse of what we offer, read on.

Beautiful Girls Dresses For All Occasion

At Quinn Harper, we have the most beautiful collection of girls’ dresses suitable for all occasions. Our dresses for girls are perfect for weddings, including our stunning collection of flower girl and bridesmaid dresses. We also have an amazing collection of party dresses in lightweight materials and pretty designs.

You’ll find dresses that are perfect for winter or summer. Our girls’ summer dresses are colourful and trendy. Meanwhile, our young girls’ dresses for winter come in thicker materials and have longer sleeves, letting your child stay warm in the colder months. Shop our dresses today.

Girls Dresses For Occasions and Wedding

Girls Party Dresses Flower Girl Dresses Girls Occasion Dresses Junior Bridesmaid Dresses Girls Prom Dresses Girls Eid Dresses Luxury Flower Girl Dresses16

The Quinn Harper Boutique is bound to have the dress of your little girl’s dreams. Whether you would like a First Holy Communion or Mini Bridesmaid Dress, or if it is a Flower Girl dress you are looking for, we’ll surely have a luxurious option for your child. We also supply Baptism dresses, Holy Communion Dresses, and Birthday Party Dresses, so whatever the special event, you have come to the right place.

We can design and manufacture the perfect style of dress that you would like to see your little girl wear for her special occasion. At our clothing boutique, every little girl wears the princess dress that she has always dreamt of. And each dress has a unique character and name, and the Haute Couture Girls Dresses unique design shines through each garment right through from luxury signature gowns to seasonal Flower Girl Dress collections that have perfectly coordinated items such as headbands, jewellery, and capelets.

Our store offers formal wear for kids of all age groups, including toddlers aged one to three, pre-schoolers aged four to five, juniors aged six to eight, and preteens aged nine to 12.

Quinn Harper Haute Couture Dresses

Girls Party Dresses Flower Girl Dresses Girls Occasion Dresses Junior Bridesmaid Dresses Girls Prom Dresses Girls Eid Dresses Luxury Flower Girl Dresses132

Designer Ballgowns

So you’ve found your dream gown and outfitted your besties in beautiful bridesmaids dresses – Now it’s time to choose the perfect Flower Girl, Mini Bridal Gown, or ballgown for your little girl. Quinn Harper specialises in custom gowns exemplified by unsurpassed attention to detail. Our Collection features gorgeous gowns inspired by timeless elegance, luxe fabrics, fairy tales, and hopeless Romantics.

If you’re not sure how to choose which of our high-quality girls’ dresses are perfect for your child, then here are some shopping tips. And as always, feel free to phone and chat with our experts at Quinn Harper if you need further advice, guidance or suggestions.

Consider the reason behind the event
Before plunging in and falling for any one design over another, pause for a moment and think about the occasion you’re buying the dress for. Whether it’s a formal or casual gathering, your child’s outfit should match the tone and theme of the event. There are plenty of options to choose between, so ask the host if there are any specific requests they have for their guests’ apparel. Weddings, in particular, are often themed around a colour or style; and churches hosting First Holy Communions may also have some requirements for girls’ dresses. This kind of insight can help you narrow down your options.

Research is crucial
Once you know your reason for buying the dress, it’s time to carry out a little research. Try window shopping at Quinn Harper, on our website or in-store, to get an idea of what your little girl might like. This will also inform you of the latest trends, show you the best colour combinations, and give you an idea of how much you might want or need to spend. Just make sure you don’t overlook the comfort factor of each dress when doing your research: you don’t want your child to feel itchy and irritable on the day.

Ask for recommendations
When looking for the best designer girls’ dresses, you could also ask for some suggestions from close friends or family members. Find out what their young daughters might be wearing so there’s no duplication and your own child won’t look out of place. This will all help give you a better idea of the best type and style of dress to buy.

Think of the colour
The colour of the dress is one of the most important choices you will make. You’ll probably already know your little girl’s favourite colour, but involve her in choosing the colour of her new dress, and she’s more likely to be happy with the final choice. Just check, as noted above, that there is no specific colour required for the event you’ll be attending.

Check the size
Size, of course, is super-important: you don’t want your little girl to feel restricted by the dress if you choose the wrong size. Also, you will hopefully get a few wears out of it if you choose the right size. Take your child’s measurements as accurately as you can before shopping for a dress. There’s a size guide here on our website which will tell you where to measure and help you determine the right size for her age. Having these measurements to hand will help you choose the appropriately sized pretty girls’ dresses when you’re out shopping.

Choose a design
As for the design, it all depends on the type of event you’re going to, as well as your child’s personal preferences. If it is a formal occasion, you can opt for dresses with lace, ruffles, and delicate floral details on them. But for a more casual event, your little girl might prefer to wear something simple yet pretty, such as a silk floral dress. If you’re shopping at Quinn Harper, either in our showroom or online, get your daughter involved so she can see the beautiful girls’ dresses available to her and add her own ideas.

Shop At Quinn Harper Children’s Occasion Wear

Quinn Harper Children’s Occasion Wear is every little girl’s paradise, filled with beautiful, well-made dresses. We have an extensive selection of outfits to choose from, available in different colours, lengths, sizes, and fabrics. No matter what the event is, and no matter her age, we have the perfect dress for your little princess. We also stock boys’ suits for sons, also available in a wide variety of designs and sizes.

Visit our online shop now to place an order. If you have any queries, you can also talk to one of our representatives by calling 0203 055 0160 or sending us an email at


How do I choose a dress colour?

A good guide for choosing colours of young ladies’ wear is to opt for one that matches your child’s eyes, skin, and hair. In broad terms, the darker they are, the bolder the colours and print you can choose. Girls with lighter hair, skin and eyes may find pale and pastel colours suitable. But it’s all down to personal choice.

How many outfits should a girl have?

This very much depends on your lifestyle, but some say a young girl should have three to five casual and designer girls’ dresses, so she has something for every occasion. Many parents choose to buy a special dress for each particular occasion, though, which can make more sense, given that children grow so quickly.

How do I choose a dress for my child?

Here are some tips for choosing the best young ladies’ clothes for your child:

  • Decide on a general colour scheme suitable for the event.
  • Ask your child what styles she likes.
  • Consider the season – long sleeves are better in cold weather.
  • Pick soft, forgiving fabrics for comfort and easy washing.
  • Don’t forget accessories like cute socks, tiaras, and bangles.

How do you pick a communion dress?

Because First Holy Communion ceremonies are formal and solemn events, it’s important to pick a dress that is appropriate, simple, comfortable, and elegant. Make sure that the dress you’ll buy with your little girl is something she truly loves, given that it’s her special day. Check with your Church what colours are appropriate before straying from white.

Why are first communion dresses white?

In clothes, white embodies concepts like purity and cleanliness. This is significant for Christian events like Holy Communion. In this ceremony, Christians are transformed by God to share in His Holy Spirit, so it’s important that your child is presented formally and in a white dress to show her purity.

Which dress is best for a party?

If you’re shopping for a fashionable dress for your child, make sure you buy something trendy yet age-appropriate. Consider aspects like the weather, her colour preferences, size and whether you’ll want her to wear the dress again in the near future before deciding. And if she loves to dance, don’t buy an overly long dress that will trip her up!

Which dress is best for a birthday girl?

Below are some great choices for little girls’ dresses you can buy for your princess here at Quinn Harper:

  • Girl’s Pink Birthday Party Dress – Birthday Girl
  • Girl’s Pink Party Dress – Camellia
  • Girls Navy Occasion Dress – Eliana

Feel free to browse our selection and find the perfect dress for your child’s birthday.

What is the benefit of wearing a dress?

By choosing the right option from the many stunning girls’ dresses in the UK, you can make sure your little princess stands out from the crowd. This is especially important if the event is in her honour, like a birthday party. The right dress will make her feel special and confident on her big day.

At what age do kids like to dress up?

Your child might take an interest in dressing up around the age of three. This allows her to explore her preferences in clothes and develop her imagination, as well as give her more idea about the real world by dressing in clothes suited to different roles.

What is a sequin dress?

Sequins are commonly used on high-quality girls’ dresses and may be stitched flat on the fabric or left dangling so that they move as she does and catch the light. The latter type is perfect for events that involve dancing. Some sequins are multi-faceted, which increases their reflective ability.

History Of Children’s Clothing

what are the types of girls’ dresses

In the past, clothing was reflective of child-rearing practices and theories, the position of children in society, specific gender roles, and so forth. Now, clothing constantly changes based on the latest trends set by celebrities, influencers, and other well-known personalities. This is applicable to the fashion of people of all ages.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that little girls still wear white dresses in Church for their First Holy Communion ceremony. While gowns were constructed with stiffened bodices in the past, parents now prefer to dress their children in more lightweight, simpler and more comfortable clothes. Examples include tea-length dresses in chiffon, lace, and silk fabrics.

Essentially, though, little girls’ fashion hasn’t changed that much along the way. Girls’ dresses online and skirts are still much in demand today for a whole range of occasions. The major difference is that many dresses are now shorter compared to the ankle-length dresses of the past.

Guides On How To Buy Clothes For Children

Here are some tips when shopping for girls’ dresses on sale:

  • Go for high-quality clothing. Check the fabric of any girls’ garments before buying. Most children are very active, so it’s important that their clothing is durable. It’s better to opt for softer fabrics as your child will then be more comfortable and not have her movement restricted.
  • Shop within your budget. Set a budget before shopping – it’s all too easy to get carried away. Shopping online is great for finding a huge range of girls’ frocks, gowns, and skirts for your little princess. Browse prices to find one that suits both your budget and your child’s preferences.

Other Fashion Considerations For Your Little Girl

When shopping for dresses for your daughter, there are few things to consider. Particularly check the neck and collar design of the dress, as well as the length. Of course, what you opt for depends on the occasion. Some modern designs for dresses include princess looks, Barbie frocks, layered skirts, and dungaree-style. But the dress isn’t everything; also consider:

  • Hairstyle. This plays a big role in the whole look of your little princess. The best hairstyle depends on the occasion, as well as her outfit. For instance, if she’s going to wear a relatively plain dress, a simple pony hairstyle will match the look perfectly.
  • Footwear. There are many kinds of footwear, and they can do a lot to complement the dress your child is wearing. For dresses, sparkly sandals or low-heeled ballet pump styles are a great choice.
  • Accessories. These serve as the final touches to the dress, and they can either make or break the whole look. Special tights or cute socks, tiaras and hairbands and sparkling jewellery will all delight her

Now that you are ready to shop for the best young ladies’ gowns, skirts, and dresses, start browsing now at Quinn Harper!