Aurora Girls Party Dress

1. Make sure the flower girl dresses match your wedding theme

If you’re having a traditional wedding, pick classic-style flower girl dresses. Likewise, if you’re planning a beachside wedding, opt for more fun and unique flower girl dresses. “A perfect flower girl dress suit the personality of your little girl and be comfortable for her to wear all day. Remember that there is more to a flower girl than just the dress, so if you are set on her having a certain hairstyle or statement accessory, the dress should be able to match with it”

2. The flower girl dresses can be colorful.

Traditionally the flower girl wears white, but you don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to ivory, white, or cream colors. If you’re wearing a pastel-colored wedding gown, consider a flower girl dress that matches or is accented with pink or blue.

3. Consider the length of your flower girl dresses

If your flower girl is older, go for the longer dress. Nothing more elegant and classy than a long embellished dress. But if she’s younger, choose a medium-length dress. After all, most flower girl dresses are medium length for a reason: The last thing you want is her tripping and falling while walking down the aisle.

4. Order the flower girl dresses close to your wedding date

It is wise to purchase wedding-related things early but it is worth waiting with the flower girl dresses.

Since kids can sprout up quickly, it’s best to purchase the flower girl dresses as close to your wedding date as possible. If you buy it a few months before your wedding, you run the risk of the dress not fitting the day of.

5. Let her help pick the flower girl dresses

If you want to make sure that your flower girl will love her dress, bring her along when you go shopping. Send her a few options and let her pick the one she likes best. Make it fun for both of you.

Aurora Girls Party Dress
Aurora Girls Party Dress

6. Know the fabric terms when shopping for your little girl dream flower girl dress

To keep the flower girl dresses wrinkle-free, opt for a good quality wrinkle-free fabric or choose a material that hides wrinkles well, like tulle and satin. Satin is one of the most common, most versatile, and most durable flower girl dress fabrics. Satin has a smooth finish with a lot of body, making it a perfect combination with tulle.

7. Compliment her before the wedding

When you talk to her, congratulate her on how beautiful and elegant she is and how she looks just like the bride. She should feel like a real princess.

8. Capture beautiful moments

Having flower girls as a part of your wedding celebrations is a beautiful touch that will result in sweet memories and timeless photos. Make sure the photographer gets plenty of pictures of the bride and the flower girls sharing magical moments. You’ll treasure these pictures forever.