This is one of the most memorable moments in your child’s young life as they become a full participant in the church. Not only must they prepare themselves spiritually, but they should also be dressed appropriately for the event.

Celebrating your child’s first Holy Communion is a once-in-a-lifetime memory. Choosing the perfect First Communion dress based on the child’s size, their preferences, your budget will help to make this important occasion extra special. At Quinn Harper, we are here to help you prepare for the special event, so we’ve put together a few things to consider when buying that important first communion dress.

Dresses and Suits for Communion

A dress is essential for any young girl’s first communion, and here at Quinn Harper, we’re proud of our stunning range of First Communion dress options for you to choose from. Alongside these, we also offer a wide variety of dress designs that are perfect for any other type of formal occasion.

Quinn Harper also offers a fantastic range of boys’ Communion outfits – from suits and shirts to blazers, ties, and bowties. With our well-made suits, your son is sure to stand out at any special event.

Holly Communion Outfits

First Holy Communion Outfits in the UK

All girls love any excuse to feel like a pretty princess in a beautiful dress. Every special occasion is a perfect reason to get dressed up and feel pampered, and the day when your daughter participates in her first communion is no exception. A Holy Communion is a memorable religious milestone in your young lady’s life, and the communion dress that she wears should be just as beautiful as her momentous occasion!

Here at Quinn Harper, we offer a stunning range of styles and sizes in high-quality fabrics finished with attention to detail to find the perfect dress that is at once modest and appropriate for the occasion, without compromising style!

Quinn Harper First Communion gowns have a sophisticated style with stunning details that makes each of our dresses a beautiful heirloom piece to be treasured for eternity. We strongly believe that young ladies are entitled to wear the most beautiful dresses for their Communion Day. Quinn Harper is committed to bringing this vision to life through premium quality in every product we sell, from our massive line of beautiful communion dresses to every one of our pairs of shoes, accessories, and veils.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Communion Dress

Shopping Guide for girls communion dresses

Style of the dress

Quinn Harper regularly adds new models to their Communion dresses collection to provide the best choices for your little girl’s special occasion dresses. Our dresses have a classic and elegant design with a style that’s appropriate for such a solemn and meaningful occasion as a Holy Communion. Also, our dresses are very comfortable to wear.


Typically, First Communion Dresses worn by children worldwide are pure white. White symbolizes purity, innocence and joy. On occasion, some opt for dresses in colours including ivory, cream, or salmon pink. If you are considering any option other than a white dress, we strongly suggest you contact your parish beforehand as to what may or may not be appropriate.

Type of sleeve

Dresses with sleeves from Quinn Harper Children’s Occasion Wear come with different types and lengths of sleeves, so there is a style suitable for every child. You may opt for a cap sleeve that hangs over the edge of the arm and doesn’t require any additional cover-up during mass. Another traditional option is the short sleeve dress, which covers the entire shoulder. There are also three-quarter length sleeves that reach the elbow and long sleeve dresses that cover the arms up to the wrist. For a fresher and more open feel, you can opt for a sleeveless dress. Often, though, this style is paired with a bolero-type jacket for modesty.


We offer a range of different lengths in our Holy Communion dress range. Dresses that fall below the knee are the most appropriate for such events. These include tea length (mid-calf) and floor length (touching the ankle) dresses. Many First Communion dresses tend to be tea-length, but as families are increasingly opting for floor-length dresses, the selection of available options here is increasing.


First Communion dresses can vary in price, but we make it to a point to make them affordable for all parents. However, our expert advice is that you set your budget first before you begin your search.

Our more expensive exclusive dresses are handmade, beautifully designed and perfectly fitted communion gowns. Quinn Harper strives above all else for quality, excellence and attention to detail delivering high-quality dresses. These dresses are the best in their exceptional design, exclusivity, luxury materials and craftsmanship and leaving beautiful memories for you, for your daughter and the next generation to come.


The time of year is one of the most important considerations when selecting First Communion dresses from our store. We suggest you go for a lighter weight, airy fabric like cotton, linen, light silk, or lace for summer. Short sleeve or sleeveless dresses also work well in warmer temperatures.

In winter months, when the weather is colder, it’s advisable to opt for satin, silk, or taffeta dresses for maximum comfort. Remember, you can compete the dress with satin bolero or faux fur bolero for your child’s comfort on their special day.

Luxury First Holy Communion Dresses at Quinn Harper Children's Occasion Wear in 331 Kings Road Chelsea London SW3 5ES UK

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Quinn Harper’s unique collection offers the most beautiful first Holy Communion dresses that follow the latest fashion. What makes our girls communion dresses so unique is the premium-quality fabrics and beautiful craftsmanship used in the gowns. Each garment has delicate embellishments, sparkly beads or flowers embroidery that are perfectly coordinated with accessories to complete the look.

Passion for creating a truly magical experience in-store and online, Quinn Harper offers the most beautiful selection of luxury attire for communion celebrations. To place an order, please visit our online store today. As part of our complimentary, personalised service, one of our stylists can offer you advice and assistance to ensure your item selections are 100% perfect. We can help you find the best styles to create a perfectly coordinated head-to-toe look. Call us for any advice you may need on 0203 055 0160 or send us an email to for any questions about our products.


What should a girl wear for her first communion?

Traditionally for a First Communion, little girls wear light-coloured beautiful first Holy Communion dresses, typically white, accessorised with a headpiece such as a veil, pearl tiaras, white flower hair accessories and matching shoes. You may also choose to add white matching gloves to the outfit. This ceremony is a conservative one, dresses should be modest, but that does not mean you have to compromise on the style. Choose a dress that your daughter will love. It is best practice to have your daughter with you and then decide on her communion dress together, keeping in mind her choice and the requirement of the Church.

The girl’s holy communion trend in 2022 is away from the traditional and more toward the modern, though this will vary by parish and location. Communion dresses are popular with simple lines in tea or floor length with just enough embellishment to make them look beautiful. Light touches of beading are desired on Communion dresses more today than ever before. Fine beading, white pearls and delicate crystals are perfect for a First Communion dress.

What is a traditional gift for first communion?

The most thoughtful gift for a child for their First Communion is the Holy Bible. After this ceremony, children continue with catechism classes until their Confirmation at age 12 or 13, during which they will regularly read passages from Bible. A customised Bible is something they can use and treasure for many years to come.

At what age should a child have their first communion?

The majority of Catholic children do their First Communion when they turn seven or eight years of age, as this is considered the age at which they have sufficient reason to understand the proceedings. There is no age limit, though, and anyone can receive their first communion once they have met all the church’s requirements.

What colour do you wear for first communion?

The most acceptable colour for the church for a girl’s Holy Communion dress is white, as this represents purity and innocence. As well as being white in colour, the confirmation dress should be simple, elegant, and modest to match the solemnity of the occasion.

How do I prepare for my first communion?

Take your children to church regularly and pray for the Holy Spirit to fill their souls with love for the Holy Eucharist. You should encourage them to spend a few minutes of quiet time to pray – maybe at bedtime or early in the morning. They will also attend catechism lessons within their church or school to prepare them.

How should you dress for a first communion ceremony?

The setting for a First Communion is a church, so all attendees must wear attire that is “church appropriate.” Girls participating will wear an appropriately modest First Holy Eucharist dress for young women. Young boys should wear collared and buttoned shirts, dress pants and shoes, and typically a red tie. They may also wear a smart jacket if needed.

Why do first communion dresses look like wedding dresses?

The traditional attire for a child’s First Communion is a white dress. White wedding dresses were a tradition introduced by Queen Victoria in 1840. As a wedding dress is worn by an adult, there’s more scope for ornate decoration and daring designs.

Why is it important to make your first communion?

First communion is a very important and holy day for Catholic children because they are receiving the blood and body of Jesus Christ for the very first time. By continuing to take communion for the rest of their lives, they will become one with Christ, which Catholics believe means they will share in His eternal life.

What do parents wear to first communion?

The focus is usually on the children who wear Holy Communion dresses UK-wide. What you wear on this day will be a great way to show that you share this special memory with your son or daughter. As a parent or guest of the family, regular Sunday church attire is appropriate for First Communion. The best choice for fathers is to wear a black suit jacket and suit trousers, a white collared shirt with tie and smart shoes. Meanwhile mothers can wear formal dresses in light pastel colours or outfits suitable for church.

Can you wear ivory for first communion?

White is most typical, and you should consult your church if you intend to depart from this. You will find Holy Communion dresses in London and beyond are largely white, though you may find some ivory options. Rarely, some girls wear pale pink, but it’s always wisest to ask your church for its dress code before you buy.

Here Are The Dress Requirements For First Communion

Churches typically implement dress codes to maintain the conservative tone of formal events like Holy Communion, but these can vary in different Churches. The following gives an idea of what dress for First Holy Eucharist is appropriate:

For girls:

  • White communion dresses in the UK should be modest, fall below the knee, and have sleeves.
  • White stockings or socks.
  • White head coverings.

For boys:

  • Dark suit with a white shirt.
  • Solid-coloured tie in red, black, white, or dark blue.
  • Dark leather shoes and socks.

The Guest’s Guide to a First Communion Celebration

The First Communion ceremony consists of various parts. The typical order is as follows:

  • The Penitential Rite – the opening greeting where the community asks for forgiveness of God for their sins.
  • Gloria – a joyful response to that forgiveness.
  • Readings from the Bible.
  • Liturgy of the Word and the Homily – the priest proclaims and explains part of the Book of Gospels.
  • Profession of faith – the Catholics’ beliefs.
  • Liturgy of the Eucharist and Consecration – preparing for communion.
  • The Communion Rite – the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Sign of Peace.
  • The Lamb of God and Communion.
  • The Concluding Rite – a prayer and a blessing.
  • Dismissal – the congregation goes in peace.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Children’s Clothes

Here are some of the things that need to be taken into account when buying attire for First Holy Eucharist:

  • Fabric. Choose good quality satin or organza dresses with 100% cotton underlining.
  • Fit. Adjustable waistbands are the best option to go for if you want your kids to feel comfortable during the ceremony. Kids are happy when they feel comfortable in what they are wearing.
  • Size. Make sure the sizes of the dresses are suitable for your kids. This is to ensure their comfort and freedom of movement. If you can’t decide on sizes, our recommendation is always to buy the bigger size to compensate for growth.

Wearing White for First Communion

White is symbolic of purity. A child’s First Communion is considered by Catholics to be one of the holiest and most important occasions within their lives. Taking communion means an individual has received the body and blood of Christ, known as the Sacrament of the Eucharist. To do this, the individual must be free from sin and in a state of grace, and the white dress helps to signify that.

Hairstyle Tip for a First Communion Party

Once you choose the perfect First Holy Communion attire, it’s time to get thinking about the final details – how to tame your child’s tresses. These are the best First Communion hairstyles for girls that range from simple and classic to wondrous up-dos:

Simple and Laidback Communion Styles: Short hairstyles with pinned back curls decorated with a single flower.

Up Styles: A bun is often a classic Communion hairstyle, with or without a veil or headpiece. You may opt to soften the look with pinned curls.

Headpieces and Hairbands: Flowers are a great option when you are looking for headpieces, using either fresh or artificial flowers. Choose from simpler hairbands to white flower crowns, to match your First Holy Communion dress design.

If you are now ready to look for your children’s First Holy Sacrament clothes, why not browse what we have to offer here at Quinn Harper?