Boys often resist all attempts at dressing them up for a formal occasion. When buying boys suits for a wedding, you might end up feeling the stress of choosing something that’s just right for the event, and also that he will concede to wear. The struggle is understandable, not least because parents are busy people and the choices of boys suits for weddings seem to be a lot more limited when compared to what’s on offer for girls.

To help you out, here are some tips and advice to guide you when you’re looking for your son’s next wedding outfit.

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1. Remember the main reason for your purchase

When shopping around, it’s very easy to get carried away with the process and lose sight of the fact that you’re purchasing a boy’s suit. While you’re looking for something for occasional formal and special events, your child’s typical everyday routine doesn’t usually require him to wear a suit, so he won’t be accustomed to formal dress. Therefore, it’s important to make comfort a priority, and also include him in the selection process. Look for boys suits that look the part, but also aim for soft materials, less restrictive collars, and so on.

2. Buy from a good-quality store

Buying a suit for your little boy is not an everyday occurrence, so it makes sense to spend a little more money for a special occasion. Look for a retail outlet that sells good quality clothes, because they are more likely to have invested time in sourcing formal wear that is both smart yet comfortable.  Search online for boy suits for weddings near me to give you options for shops that have what you need and then look online for reviews of any you’re thinking of buying from. These testimonials from past customers will give you an idea about the level of service you’ll receive and the quality of the clothes on offer.

You also need to be sure that the shop you use features a wide range of options. Every child is unique, so you want to be able to pick an outfit that fits your son and his personality to a tee. You may also be limited as to colour – often, brides specify a colour scheme for their wedding, or your child may suit some colours more than others. Finding a shop with plenty of choices makes it more likely they’ll have something suitable for your needs.

If you don’t know where to start, for younger boys, light colours such as boy suits for wedding in grey, white or light blue are very fitting. Toddlers, on the other hand, can carry off darker hues, like navy blue.

3. Ensure the right fit and correct details

Every child is different physically – some are small for their age; others at the higher end of the height scale for their years. Don’t rely on a shop that is not clear about the actual measurements of their clothes. Look for one that guides you on how to measure your child to ensure you buy the right fit. An oversized suit looks untidy and one that is too tight is going to be uncomfortable when worn all day long.

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What should a child wear to a wedding?

At weddings, boys are often required to wear a suitable tuxedo for kids while girls typically wear dresses. The tuxedo should include trousers, jacket, shirt, and a bow tie and is typically in black. Girls should wear matching flat or heeled formal shoes, depending on their age.

What should a 14-year-old boy wear to a wedding?

Most weddings have semi-formal dress code, and so teenage boys who are part of the wedding party should wear a suit and tie combination. For weddings in the spring or summer, it’s acceptable to opt for a more casual style or light-coloured suits in tan or dove grey.

What should a boy wear to a wedding?

Here’s a guide to boys’ wedding outfits depending on the formality of the event:

What colour suits are appropriate for weddings?

For formal events like a wedding, you can’t go wrong with neutral tones like charcoal grey, black, and midnight blue. To add colour and character to the outfit, you can always add accessories such as a brighter tie or waistcoat.

What colours should you not wear to a wedding?

Avoid colours that coordinate with the wedding colours like white unless specifically asked to do so. It’s the bride and groom who should stand out on their special day. Some couples prefer their guests to avoid black, so all in all, it’s best to ask the bride if she has any colour preferences before buying an outfit for the event.

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Tips For Choosing Page Boy Suits

Here are some tips when shopping for the perfect wedding attire for kids:

Wedding Outfits: Here Are Some Style Tips

When attending a wedding, one of the most important things to consider is your child’s outfit. This is especially crucial if he or she is part of the entourage. When shopping for a wedding outfit for kids, first ascertain the dress code set by the happy couple. This may be mentioned on the invitation but if it isn’t, then don’t be afraid to ask.

Some of the possible dress codes are lounge suits, party clothes, and so forth. When choosing an outfit, avoid stealing the limelight from the bride by dressing in bright colours or ones that are similar to her dress. Make sure the outfit you buy for your child is comfortable, so they won’t complain about wearing it.

If you need more ideas for a wedding outfit for your son, browse through the Quinn Harper website. We have plenty of options to offer, from boy suits for weddings in black to a huge array of styles and more.