A dream wedding involves a lot of preparations, from choosing a venue down to choosing clothing. This is what Loose Women star Stacey Solomon is currently doing for her upcoming big day. Choosing clothes is an event in itself, with the bride making sure she selects the most beautiful bridesmaids and flower girls’ dresses, and the groom selecting the most suitable page boy suits. Looking for boys suits for that memorable occasion is a lot easier when you know the best specialist shops around the UK.

where to find affordable page boy suits

July is the month 31-year-old Stacey will tie the knot with Joe Swash. Along with her sister Jemma, wedding plans are in progress, and she’s given a sneak peek of her three sons’ attire for the wedding. It looks like the three boys will be charming their way into the hearts of their mother’s fans.

Stacey’s sons will be wearing matching page boy suits, designed to fit in with her overall wedding theme. Online consultations with dress shops have been made, and the future page boys’ measurements have been sent.

Choosing the right page boy suit

In the past, page boys were servants whose job was to carry the wedding coins and rings during wedding ceremonies. Nowadays, page boys are more than that, so a page boy’s suit requires as much preparation as the other members of the wedding entourage.

Page boy suits can also refer to clothing worn during formal events, so it is worth noting some things you have to consider when choosing between suits.

As you begin to plan your event, make sure to decide whether you’d like your theme to be formal or casual. This is crucial for when you have to choose the colour and style of your page boy’s suit. Like Stacey’s plan, the page boy suits should preferably look like a smaller version of the groom’s suit. This highlights the importance of their role in the event.

Consider styling him in grey or navy along with a bright tie and waistcoat. Not only will the little gentleman look charming, but it will make him feel more confident. However, it is recommended to also consult with your little guy before choosing the suit, as he should feel that he has a choice and his opinion is important. A happy and comfortable page boy is a well-behaved page boy!

When it comes to shoes, pre-loved ones are fine because these will only be worn occasionally. The only thing to keep in mind is that they should match the page boy’s suits. The shoes must also be polished to shine like a brand-new pair.

When the suit is ready, take some time to have the page boy get used to wearing it. Have him practice going around in it to make sure that the size fits him perfectly as little boys grow so fast. Make sure you take the time to inspect the suit for any issue. This ensures that any problems will be properly addressed before the celebration.

One tip to make your page boy more comfortable with his new suit and with the upcoming event is to give him the responsibility of caring for the clothing. Don’t forget to reward your little boy for a job well done after the event!

First-class page boy suits in the United Kingdom

Getting page boy suits that are a bit oversized around two to three months before your event is ideal. After all, your little boy is still growing at this stage in his life, so doing this ensures that you will get a suit of the perfect size.

Aside from comfort, always look for quality and style when buying, which are guaranteed in quinnharper.co.uk, one of the best providers of luxurious, first-class children’s occasion wear in the UK.

Apart from the best boy suits for weddings and other occasions, we at Quinn Harper also offer shoes and accessories, making us your one-stop shop for children’s wear for any event! Visit our online store today and select from a wide array of page boy suits now!

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