Toddler Classic Curl Calmer Original Sprout

Curl Calmer
Suitable for Vegans
Family Friendly
Natural & Organic

For babies & up, families love our Curl Calmer. Tight, medium, frizzy curls & waves relax, leaving hair glossy and silky soft. Poofy, dry tresses soak up soothing moisture leaving locks stronger & softer. Helps strengthen & protect against breakage with jojoba protein. Never crunchy or sticky. Relax & enjoy clean feeling, silky frizz free gorgeous locks.

Our Classic Curl Calmer leaves natural curls and waves feeling silky and bouncy. Ingredients including jojoba and cucumber moisturise all types of curls and adds a glossy sheen. Rosemary extract boosts scalp circulation which helps growth and prevents breakage. Ideal for delicate, dry or brittle waves and curls.

Gentle pH of 4.5 – 5.5
For babies, children and adults
Key ingredients: rosemary and calendula
Extra moisturizing for delicate hair prone to breakage
Smooths and accentuates curls
Rosemary helps to repel lice
No soy, gluten, honey, peanut or dairy