Girls Party Dresses Flower Girl Dresses Girls Occasion Dresses Junior Bridesmaid Dresses Girls Prom Dresses Girls Eid Dresses Luxury Flower Girl Dresses94
Girls Party Dresses Flower Girl Dresses Girls Occasion Dresses Junior Bridesmaid Dresses Girls Prom Dresses Girls Eid Dresses Luxury Flower Girl Dresses94

So you’re planning a wedding – Congratulations! A time for excitement, a time for love and a time for Googling! So much can go in to planning a wedding, (and let’s be honest, we all just want to get to the cake tasting part!) so let us help you tick one item off your list, by answering all of the most common questions we have heard, about flower girls.

First, a little run down on the history of flower girls.

The very first flower girls date back to the era of Ancient Rome! While the items they carry and the dresses they wear have changed over time, the presence of a flower girl is a continuing tradition for many couples on their special day. During the Roman Empire, flower girls often carried bunches of wheat and herbs which they would sprinkle along the path the bride would soon walk. This symbolised a hope of fertility for the married couple. In the Elizabethan Era, flower girls would sprinkle rose petals along a path from the brides home to the church. Throughout the Victorian Era, flower girls began to take on a similar appearance to modern day flower girls, often wearing a white dress and holding a basket of flowers or a floral hoop (a cute idea, even for modern flower girls!) The hoop symbolised true love lasting forever, without an end. Through the 20th century, flower girl dresses changed a fair bit, from a flapper look in the 1920’s, to the introduction of multiple flower girls in the 40’s, different fabrics such as lace, satin, and organza in the 50’s. The flower child look was popular in the 60’s and the 70’s saw empire waist gowns, puff sleeves and high necklines, floral fabrics and brighter colours. During the 80’s dried flowers were on trend for the flower girl to carry.

The trends may change but the consensus remains – flower girls are an adorable addition to any wedding.

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Your questions answered!

Do flower girl dresses need to be white/ivory?

No way! You do you babe! While white and ivory dresses are the most popular colour for flower girls, many couples choose to match their flower girls to the bridesmaid’s dresses, or mix and match with different tones. Like everything in your wedding, it depends on your preference and style.

Do flower girls have to match?

Girl, no! While they absolutely can match (and look super cute doing so!) You may also choose to mix and match colours, or styles within the one colour.

Do we have to have a flower girl?

Yes it’s compulsory!

All kidding aside, you should include a flower girl (or flower girls) if you would like to, simple as that.

Can I have multiple flower girls?

Of course! You may have daughters, nieces or friends children who you would like to involve. Why limit the amount of cute at your wedding we say!

Who pays for the flower girl dresses?

Traditionally the parents of the flower girl will pay for the dress. However it is a lovely gesture if you would like to offer to pay for the dress!

When does the flower girl walk down the aisle?

A flower girl typically precedes the bride down the aisle, often scattering petals in front of the bride.

Do flower girls have to scatter flowers?

They don’t! Some venues no longer allow petals to be strewn on the floor, so flower girls may instead carry a basket of flowers, a floral hoop or a miniature bouquet. You could even have your flower girl pass fresh flowers to guests along the aisle as they walk. We suggest checking with your venue before you make your choice.

What should a flower girl dress look like?

From lace flower girl dresses, to organza, satin and tulle. Embellishments and full tulle skirts to tea length dainty dresses. Your flower girls attire should suit your style, theme and budget and hopefully be something your girls will love as well! There are so many choices available, from white flower girl dresses to coloured, embellished or patterned. Boho flower girl dresses through to structured and classic.

Along with you, it will be such a special and memorable day in the littlest members of your bridal parties lives! And the special dress they get to wear will be a part of that exciting process. We hope you can find something perfect for your day.