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We know every growing gent is different and provide a choice of slim, modern, and regular fit, for the perfect tailored feel. Shop with Quinn Harper for all formal wear for your special occasion.

Shop For The Perfect Kids Suits And Tuxedos For Your Little Boy

Smarten up for a special occasion with our range of kids’ suits and tuxedos. Discover the sweetest buster suits for younger kids in a variety of luxurious designs. Your boys will surely look as sharp as their daddy in a three-piece dinner suit, including a waistcoat, jacket, and trousers. Our premium selection of boys’ suits ranges from traditional black and navy to statement primary colours, making it easy to accessorise with our selection of shirts, ties, and bow ties.

Choosing The Right Formal Wear For Your Little Boy

There will inevitably come a time when you’ll have to choose the right type of clothing for your little boy for a formal occasion like a wedding, a funeral, a special dinner party, or even a holiday event. These occasions may require your children to be just as neat and well-dressed as the adults. For events like these, the team at Quinn Harper are delighted to offer some of the best options for young boys to wear.

When attending formal events like weddings, a top quality boy suit can work wonders for ensuring any child, no matter how active and playful he normally is, appear tidy and well dressed. With a good piece of formal wear, your little man is sure to look perfect for any daytime or evening event.

It’s surprising how adorable young boys can look in the right boy suits for weddings, but here are some things that you need to consider before buying one:

1. Choose a boy’s suit that follows the current styles and trends for men’s suits.

What’s great about styling is that you don’t have to figure everything out for yourself. There are trendy styles that are easy to pick up on and are easily a match for any special occasion, as well as the overall theme of the event. Boys’ suits and men’s fashion often follow the same styles and trends offered by the top brands when it comes to designer outfitting. This means that boys can look every bit as good as their adults, but in a size and cut that matches their developing bodies.

2. Time your purchase to get the right size and fit

Young boys are growing all the time, and that can happen in spurts. There’s no surprise, then, that they can quickly outgrow even recently-bought clothes. If the wedding you’re attending is set to take place at some date in the future, it’s important to buy formal wear such as boys black suits that are a little bigger than their current size to make sure it will still fit them on the actual date of the event.

Even if you find the perfect suit for him right now, you’ll only have wasted time, effort, and money if he outgrows it before he gets to wear it. To avoid making this mistake, don’t shop for the best boy suits for weddings and other occasions too far in advance. Around two to three months ahead is the ideal, allowing for room to grow when picking sizes.

3. Consider both comfort and style

When searching for the perfect outfit for your little one, look for clothes that are both comfortable and fashionable. If you get the perfect combination, your boy will be happy to wear the suit and will be more likely to enjoy the event with everyone else in attendance.

When it comes to comfort, you should carefully consider the materials of the suit you’re buying. Ideally, the suit should be made of flexible, breathable fabric that doesn’t irritate the skin. And of course, making sure that it’s a perfect fit – neither too loose nor too tight – is a no-brainer.

As for the style, little boys generally enjoy dressing like their fathers or older brothers. Remember, it’s natural for younger boys to try and imitate the older men in their lives. So, when choosing a boy’s outfit, select one in a similar style and material to their dad’s, and they are sure to feel more stylish when wearing it.

Bear these things in mind when looking for a boy’s suit, and you can’t go wrong. Though the cut and fit may be different, the best boy’s tuxedo must have the same designer feel and look as a men’s suit. You’ll be amazed at how many places and events warrant a great suit for boys from Quinn Harper!

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The Importance Of Picking The Right Boys’ Suits

By choosing the right clothing options for your boy in his early years, you are teaching him to think subconsciously about the important things that he, too, should consider when it’s time for him to pick his own clothes or for his children in the future.

That means you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. Even the little things that you do for your children today will impact on them later in life – and that includes selecting their clothes. The good news is that we have the styling and quality aspects covered for you!

We offer first-class suit jackets, waistcoats, and trousers for boys in a wide range of colours and style options. You can pick out a full outfit yourself, or mix and match pieces to get a unique look that perfectly suits your little boy’s fashion sense.

Even if you don’t yet have a finalised look figured out in your head, you can rest assured that any of our premium styles and designs will look great on your little man. And because we understand that parents don’t have unlimited budgets, we at Quinn Harper are proud to offer our high-quality children’s formal wear at the most competitive prices around.

To get started, simply browse our selection and start choosing the perfect suit for your child today. If you have any queries, call us up on 0203 055 0160, or send us an email via hello@quinnharper.co.uk.


What should a little boy wear to a wedding?

Even at a young age, boys can look both fashionable and smart at formal occasions like weddings. Formal attire is the best choice for a wedding. Depending on the time of year, the theme and the venue, you can elect for a little boy suit that consists of smart shorts or pants, a smart dress shirt and a tie. For a more casual event, try the same outfit minus the tie.

What should a 12-year-old boy wear to a wedding?

A 12-year-old boy can comfortably attend a wedding wearing a dress shirt and pants. If the wedding is more formal, add a tie, or opt for linen or other types of summer-weight boy suits in the UK. Simple leather dress shoes, boat shoes, or even sandals will go well with the look, depending on the outfit.

How do you measure for a boy’s suit jacket?

If you want to get the perfect-fitting boy suits in the UK for your little one, you need to carefully and accurately take their measurements. Start around the chest and arms, with both arms placed by their side. Then, measure the sleeve, starting from the top of the shoulder (outer edge) down to the wrist.

What is a small in suit size?

If you’re looking for a small boys’ black suit jacket, or indeed suit jackets of any size, simply refer to the following size guide list:

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How do you measure a boy’s pant size?

To measure for a boy’s suit trousers, start with the hips. Make sure you place the measuring tape around the fullest part. Next, measure the child’s waist around the lower belly, close to but underneath the belly button. Lastly for the inseam, measure the inside of the leg from the centre of the crotch down to the foot.

Why is wearing a suit important?

Adults feel more self-confident when they wear comfortable, nicely fitting suits. The same applies to young boys, although they much prefer feeling comfortable to looking dapper, if they have a say in it! That means it’s important to ensure that comfort is one of your biggest considerations when buying children’s suits so they too can enjoy themselves at the event while still looking smart.

How long do suits last?

That depends on how well you and your child care for the suit; and obviously, boys often grow out of their clothes before they wear out. However, if you want to pass the suit down to younger children or sell it once you’re done with it, it’s worth noting that Quinn Harper suits are only made of the finest materials, so are sure to stand the test of time.

What do babies wear to a wedding?

A baby boy can wear an appropriately-sized suit jacket, dress shirt, pants, and a bow tie. While there’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to a baby boy’s outfit, the attire should match or complement the overall theme of the wedding.

Choosing The Right Page Boy Suit

Boys can wear formal suits to a wedding to match the attire of the groom or the ushers. Alternatively, they can wear page boy suits or another endearing boys’ costume such as a sailor outfit, kilt, or a mini military uniform, provided it’s appropriate for the wedding’s theme, of course.

Remember, a boy’s clothing for formal events will mostly depend on the occasion and any theme that’s been decided on. Of course, the personal preferences of the young attendee may also come into play if you want to ensure he’s on his best behaviour and participates fully.

However, this is much easier said than done, especially if it’s your first time dressing your little man for an adult event. To help you choose the right outfit for your child, consider the following:

  • Colour and style
  • The fit
  • Shoes
  • The child’s own preferences

If you’re having trouble deciding, the best way is to ask for advice from the experts. Quinn Harper has a huge selection of boys’ attire and formal wear for young boys and our team are always happy to offer guidance if required.

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Coordinating Boys’ Suits And Men’s Suits

It’s no secret that some boys would rather wear anything other than suits. However, if they’re given a part or a role in a formal event, they will need to wear something appropriate. One of the biggest challenges will be coordinating your boy’s gear with his adult counterparts. Here are some simple tips to ensure this is done:

  • Consider the colour scheme or theme of the event when choosing a suit.
  • Try a pre-tied bow tie instead of a neck tie.
  • Use buttons and clips that are easy to undo.
  • Choose bright and laid-back colours and styles, and pick a fabric that is both lightweight and breathable.
  • Go for comfortable rather than elaborate.

Remember, you are dressing up a child; so no matter how dapper the adults may look, your boy has to stand out with his own style. Your job is to pick a suit that’s perfect for the theme yet comfortable, fun, and fresh-looking all at the same time.

Things To Consider Before Buying Your Kids Clothes

It’s never easy to buy your kids clothes, especially at certain ages where they’ll probably outgrow them in a matter of months. But it’s a parent’s responsibility to buy the clothes, so here are a few things to consider before doing so – especially when your purchase is for a formal event!

  • Size
  • Fit
  • Colour
  • Fabric
  • Quality
  • Washability
  • Appeal

Choosing formal clothes for your child, whether that’s dresses or suits, is even trickier, because if you want them to wear the outfit, you’ll need to prioritise comfort over everything else on this list. It’s not as simple as picking up whatever’s available in a sale.

Treat your time shopping with them as if you were looking for something just as important for yourself, and of course, ask them what they think! Most parents assume they have to decide everything for their children, but it’s important to let them have an opinion on things that matter to them, too – like how they want to look, what they like and don’t like.

Picking the right outfit for your son is never an easy thing. But we at Quinn Harper understand that you want to make important events as special and memorable for your child as they are for you. Browse our selection today and find the perfect outfit for your little boy!