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There’s nothing like a page boy to charm your wedding guests and steal the limelight. Page boys originated in the medieval times as young servants to noblemen, but they’re now only really a feature of weddings – and mostly for the cute appeal.

A page boy’s role in a traditional wedding is to carry the bride’s train as she walks down the aisle, but mostly all that’s asked of them is to look the part and be a delight. Most kids find it pretty easy.

The trickier part is dressing a page boy to look smart, coordinate with the wedding party and feel comfortable.

Some Tips For Page Boy Outfits

Getting married with young males in attendance? Many brides and grooms choose to make sons, nephews, or cousins a part of their bridal party, which usually calls for wedding-ready page boy suits. It’s a rare occasion that requires little men to get dressed up in formal wear, but there’s no better time than your wedding!
There are a few essential things you should keep in mind when looking into purchasing a page boy suit at Quinn Harper for your child or wedding attendees. Children grow quickly, are less likely to tolerate heat, and tend to get messy, so you should choose their outfits carefully.
Here are our top tips for buying the best page boy suits for your wedding:

Flower Girl Dresses and Page Boy Suits at Quinn harper Children's Occasion Wear in London UK

Think about the seasons

While adults might be able to tolerate the hot or cold weather, little ones won’t. Choosing a garment that isn’t right for the season will likely lead to a melt-down for toddlers and children. Even older kids will struggle with an uncomfortable outfit. Ceremonies can be rather long after all, and your wedding day events will be stressful for small children – don’t add to their stress by making them wear an uncomfortable outfit. You want to keep kids in a good mood on the day to avoid any tears during the ceremony or family photos!

For the summer months, choose lighter fabrics. For winter, make sure a suit jacket or blazer is included in heavier fabrics and that the pants are kept long. This will help them to remain comfortable throughout the day.

Children's Formal Wear at at Quinn Harper in London UK

Think about comfort

When buying page boy suits, an important thing to consider is the fabric used in the suit. Itchy fabrics will not fly with little kids, and you might want to think about the fit. They will need to be sitting, standing, eating, and dancing in their outfits at various times throughout the day, so it must be comfortable enough for them to do so.
You might also want to think about their potential growth spurts when purchasing page boy suits. Unfortunately, children grow quickly, which can make purchasing an outfit hard. If you’re buying your page boy suits well ahead of time, then ensure you purchase it 1-2 sizes larger.

Think about your theme

Page boy suits come in all sorts of shapes and colors. Some are much more formal, while others might be laid-back and suitable for a beach wedding. Think about your plans for the big day and what attendees will be doing on the day. Is it a highly formal affair? You may want to consider a mini tuxedo if that is the case. Or is it a much more casual day? You might want to seek out linen or a relaxed vest outfit.

Think about the colors at your wedding and what the rest of the bridal party is wearing, as you’ll likely be able to match the shade, fabric, and style of your page boy suits to the rest of the bridal party.

You don’t have to go for an exact match. If it’s proving difficult to find one, related fabrics or shades will still look great and will make your wedding party pop in photos.

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