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Luxury Flower Girl Dresses

Welcome to Quinn Harper, where tradition meets modernity to create an exceptional line of flower girl dresses that’s second to none. As leaders in the realm of children’s formal wear, we understand the significance of a flower girl’s role.

She isn’t merely a “miniature bride”; she’s the preamble to your matrimonial story. With this in mind, we’ve elevated the flower girl dress from simple attire to a luxurious experience.

Bespoke Tailoring: Fit for a Mini Queen

Let’s not pretend—kids outgrow clothes faster than you can say, “I do”. That’s why our dresses come with bespoke tailoring options. Custom measurements ensure not just the right fit but also a comfortable experience for your little flower girl. Trust us, a comfy kid is a happy participant, and that shows.

Exquisite Detailing: Where Every Stitch Tells a Story

A Quinn Harper dress isn’t just stitched; it’s crafted. From intricate beading to hand-embroidered motifs, we offer a gamut of detailing choices. If you’re going for vintage flair, consider our dresses with antique lace overlays.

Or if modern minimalism defines your wedding theme, we have sleek dresses that focus on structural beauty rather than ornamental excess.

Flexibility in Design: For the Ever-Changing Minds of Little Ones

Children can be fickle, and we get that. Our range of dresses accommodates a variety of style changes, like removable skirts and adjustable straps. Today’s tulle princess could easily become tomorrow’s silk sophisticate, all without the hassle of returning a dress.

Luxury Flower Girl Dresses: The Best of the Best

For those seeking unparalleled opulence, behold our line of luxury flower girl dresses. Crafted with the utmost care and the finest materials, these dresses are more than garments; they’re heirlooms.

With premium options like hand-stitched pearl embellishments and crystal accents, your flower girl won’t just be walking down the aisle; she’ll be making a grand entrance.

From classic satin dresses with a bow to silk flower girls dresses, there is plenty of choice among the best flower girl dresses on offer at Quinn Harper. If you haven’t yet decided on the style of dress you want for your little princess, then here are some tips that may help you.

Ask her opinion

The full skirt is largely the most popular for flower girls, usually puffed up with tulle or organza. Since they are usually the miniature version of the bride, give her something that she can twirl around. But if you don’t have a strong feeling about the look of the flower girl dress, consider asking the littlest member of your bridal party for her opinion. Maybe she wants to look just like you, and there’s a smaller version of your dress that she could wear for an extra special look.

Choose your colour and style first

Most often, the brides are the one who chooses the dresses for the flower girls. Most of them opt for a dress that ties into their wedding theme since no rules for proper style, colour, fit, or fabric. One popular option is a white or ivory frock that mimics the bride’s wedding dress. Alternatively, some brides choose a flower girl dress in a similar colour to the bridesmaids’ dresses, which visually connects her to the bridal party.

Consider the season

Make sure to select a flower girl dress that works with the season of your wedding. Stick with short sleeves and open-toed shoes for warm-weather weddings, and consider adding tights or boleros to the ensemble for cold-weather weddings. So they won’t be too hot or cold throughout the day.

Select the right length for her age

Most flower girl dresses are either floor-length or tea-length, which is falling a few inches under the knee. Younger girls may fair better with tea-length dresses as they won’t drag on the ground and create a tripping hazard. Meanwhile, floor-length dresses tend to look more formal and elegant and may be best suited for older girls. Consider the length of the neckline as well. Gowns with high necklines look classy and elegant, especially with little ladies.

Give the nod to your wedding theme

Considering that you probably invested lots of time in choosing your wedding theme, so it’d be better if you stick with it. Use it for inspiration to guide your flower girl’s outfit! If you’re hosting a rustic event, think about asking her to wear a boho flower girl dress. Or maybe you went total black tie? Choose a princess flower girls dress from Quinn Harper Children’s occasion wear boutique. As one of the best providers of flower girl dresses online, you can find something that meets all these requirements and a lot more in our shop. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will happily deliver. And to complete the look on the big day, we also supply a range of flower girl accessories. The perfect flower crown or pair of delightful shoes can be just the thing to complete the outfit.

Order one size up

There’s probably to be some growth between the time that you select the dress and the wedding day since flower girls are usually quite young. This is why it’s important that you order a size or two up from what she’s currently wearing depending on your timings and the age of your little one, and you will be fine.

Try a different brand than your wedding dress

You don’t need to order your flower girl dresses UK from the same brand you bought your bridesmaid dresses or wedding gown from. If you already have your dress ordered in, you can compare the colours of the flower girl dresses against it for the best and most accurate result.

Shopping for pretty dresses for a little princess must be one of the most fun parts of having a child as a flower girl.

This occasion can be a great opportunity to bond with them before your wedding. So make sure you keep all the tips given above to ensure a smooth and enjoyable shopping journey with your flower girls, and you can surely have shining little angels on your big day.

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The Quinn Harper exquisite collection of princess tiaras perfect for bridesmaids, flower girls, weddings, prom, communion ,white-tie dinners, balls, birthday parties and occasions of state are all traditional events. Within our selection of flower girl tiaras, you will find a superb range of Swarovski crystal tiaras, Zirconia tiaras, pearl tiaras, pearl hair accessories, crystal hair accessories for children’s all those essentials that set off their outfit to perfection and make your special day extra special.

Your flower girl is already a princess, why not enhance her beauty with a lovely crystal tiara or flower pearl crown? If she’s a flower girl and loves hair accessories then she will adore shiny crystal tiaras. It doesn’t get any better than gracing her head with flower hair accessories.

The Quinn Harper Flower Girl Tiara Collection is made with the finest materials for supreme sparkle and shine. Handcrafted with Swarovski, Czech and Austrian Crystals, Cubic Zirconia Simulated Diamonds, Faux and Freshwater Pearls and Genuine Gemstones. With the perfect curls in place, these crowns are sure to give out a princess vibe.

Flower Girl Headbands

Headbands are by far the most flattering accessory. They shape and bring light to her face and are so stylish! Add a princess-inspired finish to any look with our colourful selection of hair accessories. We take exceptional pride and care in bringing you the best quality hair accessories we can, featuring stunning butterfly and flowers headband, bow and pearls headband, pink flower headband and beautiful white hairband with bow. Choose for your little girl now to bring colour and glamour to her big day. We guarantee you that our headband will feel so comfy, she won’t want to take it off.

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Flower Girl Gloves

We are proud  to present our new beautifully handmade accessories in our store! Beautiful and sophisticated gloves for the first communion, weddings, and celebrations! Add the perfect finishing touch to her formal attire. Choose from silky gloves to flowery lace styles, ideal for every events.  

Girls Special occasion gloves have been the signs of antiquity and royalty for centuries. Even today, girls wear gloves on different occasions with beautiful dresses to add an element of beauty and elegance. Wearing gloves offer your daughters princess feel during any special occasion.

Elegant gloves for the Princess are decorated with French lace and embroidered with beads and crystals.

An elegant and vintage inspired pair of gloves, perfect for a Spring or Summer event.

The delicate satin gloves are ideal for adding a pop of sophistication to an outfit that won’t suit a full length evening glove.

Girls Occasion Veils

A veil is a romantic addition to any girls couture dress. It’s usually made of tulle fabric with lace embroidery that complements the dress and adds the perfect finishing touch. Quinn Harper exquisite children’s veils will perfectly complete your little one’s special outfit. We offer beautiful luxury quality capes for any special occasion, wedding, and celebration! Our children’s veils are made of delicate French lace with sophisticated embroidery and a classic modern style.

Airy cape with a hood, decorated with delicate lace along the edge. The front of the cape is tied with a small bow.

An exquisite cascading veil, decorated with expensive French lace.
This accessory is perfect for the first communion, for a thematic photo shoot or for a wedding.

Our Hair Salon For Your Flower Girls

It’s your big day! From wedding themes to your dream wedding dress, you want everything to be perfect! Before the most beautiful bride makes her way down the aisle, all eyes will be on the flower girl! She also knows that part of nailing her job is looking her best, which are where a princess style flower girl dress and an adorable hairstyle come in. Whether she is wearing a floor-length embroidered gown or a long-sleeved ruffles ball gown adorned with intricate appliqués, you mustn’t overlook the tiny guest of honour’s hairstyle for the wedding ceremony!

A flower girl’s hairstyle is as important as the rest of your bridal party. You will also want to ensure their hair is arranged in a way that will be comfortable throughout the wedding ceremony and reception. Cute and comfy, your littlest attendants will be so excited to perform their wedding-party duties when they look as good as they feel!

We’ve rounded up the cutest flower girl hairstyles that will make your heart skip a beat and they will serve as all the awesome inspiration you need!

how to choose the best flower girl dresses

Long and Wavy with Flower Crown

Effortlessly beautiful, sleek and modern. Long wavy hairstyles never go out of style and will always look timeless in the pictures. Finish the look with a stunning flower crown, like in the image above.

Give Her a Big Bow

A bow just makes everything sweeter! Using a Kate Middleton inspired over-size white bow hairband, would be perfectly paired with your wedding ceremony!

when should I buy flower girl dresses?

Girls Party Dresses Flower Girl Dresses Girls Occasion Dresses Junior Bridesmaid Dresses Girls Prom Dresses Girls Eid Dresses Luxury Flower Girl Dresses50

Shop Flower Girl Dress For Your Princess

If your wedding is fast approaching, we’re here to take some of the burden of preparation off your shoulders and help find flower girl dresses that suit your wedding the most.

Creating a truly magical experience, Quinn Harper Children’s Occasion Wear present the most beautiful selection of luxury dresses for flower girls in London and online. Their friendly and professional customer service team will assist you in finding the perfect dress what will suit your wedding theme.

Whether you’re looking for flower dresses, accessories for special occasions or a salon to pamper your little princesses in preparation for their special day, then we have you covered.

Treat your little princess and get in touch with us now by calling us at 0203 0550 160 or email us at


Who should pay for the flower girl dress?

Just like with bridesmaid dresses, the bride usually picks out a style of flower girl dress to complement her gown and wedding colours. Traditionally, the flower girl’s parent is expected to pay for the dress, shoes and accessories unless the bride offers to buy any items as a gift. However, if the dress is going to be customised entirely to the bride liking to fit in with the overall theme, then it’s usually preferable to tell them that you’ll take responsibility for the bill. After all, offering to pay is one of the nicest ways to treat your wedding guests.

What colour should flower dresses be?

Usually, brides choose floral gown for kids that complement their chosen wedding theme. Lots of brides opt for white or ivory gowns for their junior entourage. This is because these colours are a safe choice for any wedding, as they will match with any colour you choose for your own dress.

Should the flower girl match the bride?

Traditionally, a flower girl’s dress will resemble the bride’s, whereas a bridesmaid’s dress usually varies more. As these little princesses will precede the bride down the aisle, it’s look beautiful if their dresses match the bride’s own one. What’s nice about matching is the bride’s dressing gown is that it creates an aesthetically pleasing … that’s perfect for wedding photos that are meant to last a lifetime.

When should I buy flower girl dresses?

Buying a flower girl dress at the right time is just as important as choosing its design. If you buy online, the ideal time to place your order is around 5 to 8 weeks before the wedding. If you’re planning to buy from a retail outfit, it’s wise to start looking around 8 to 10 weeks before the wedding date.

How much is a flower girl dress?

What is the average cost of a flower girl’s dress? Flower girl dresses vary in price depending on the style, material, colour, length, size, designer and sustainably production. It can range anywhere from £50 to £500plus, averaging around £100.

Inexpensive flower girl dresses typically range from £50 to £150. At Quinn Harper, basic flower girl dresses start at £75.

Expensive flower girl dresses cost £200 or more. Quinn Harper children’s occasion wear specialises in exclusive gowns for young girls, many in the £200-£600 plus range.

Generally, the more beading or embroidery on a dress, the more it costs. Of course, the older the flower girl, the more expensive the dress.

Materials like lace or organza also drive up the price, and dresses by designers tend to be priced higher.

When should I buy flower girl dresses?

Buying a flower girl dress at the right time is just as important as choosing its design. If you buy online, the ideal time to place your order is around 5 to 8 weeks before the wedding. If you’re planning to buy from a retail outfit, it’s wise to start looking around 8 to 10 weeks before the wedding date.

Is 12 too old to be a flower girl?

Among the youngest of the wedding party members, a flower girl is typically 3 to 8 years old, although older children can also be considered as young bridesmaids.

A junior bridesmaid is a younger member of the wedding party who falls between the ages of flower girls and bridesmaids usually between age 8 to 16 and have fewer responsibilities than full-fledged attendants.

Does the flower girl get ready with the bride?

In a traditional wedding setting, the flower girls will prepare for the day alongside the bride and bridesmaids. In addition, they will also take their place in the wedding photos. It’s common for flower girls to carry a basket full of petals as they precede the bride down the aisle, while wearing a white or ivory children’s gown.

Do flower girls wear veils?

A veil is typically one of the options for the flower girl’s headdress. It is usually paired up with a tiara, to make the child look like a miniature version of the bride. Sometimes, older flower girls are even dressed in outfits that match the bride’s exactly.

Flower Girls Everything you need to know

Flower Girls: Everything you need to know

In a wedding, flower girls are the ones who lead the bride down the aisle, while spreading rose petals along the way. Very often, these little princesses are the nieces, cousins, sisters or family friends of the bride and groom. Because they’re on show as part of the entourage alongside the bridesmaids and groomsmen, your flower girls need to look pretty and adorable.

This is why it’s important to invest the time to find flower girl dresses that are ideal for them. What they wear can either make or break their overall look. Flower girls are usually dressed in white gowns and a pretty headband, with their outfits complemented perfectly with cute accessories like a confetti basket full of roses. This brings out the child in them, making them look more adorable and innocent.

Make The Most Out Of Your Flower Girls

Make The Most Out Of Your Flower Girls

Of course, you want your adorable flower girls to look good on photos and in person as they walk down the aisle with you. To do this, you have to find floral attire for kids that makes them stand out. To help you find the perfect dress for your beautiful flower girls, here are some tips:

  • Find a boutique. Make sure you choose a shop that specialises in children’s wear as they will know the perfect size and design suitable for your girls.
  • Match the dress with the motif. As these girls are part of your wedding entourage, their outfits should match with your own wedding dress, as well as those worn by the bridesmaids. White or ivory-coloured dresses are the safest choice for any wedding theme.
  • Pair it up with some accessories. Kids love having a sense of purpose, so it’s a good idea to give them something to hold. This might include a bag or a basket. Just make sure the one you choose matches with their dress.

So if you are always looking up “flower girl dresses near me”, this information will help you make the right choices to give that “wow” factor to your special day and impress your guests as they see your flower girls approach the altar.

Talk to Us: We’re All Ears and Expertise

Ready to make the flower girl dress of your dreams a reality? Contact us for personalised consultations and recommendations. Our dedicated team of experts is eager to help you navigate the plethora of options we offer.